Vance Howard on CNBC: Investors should be patient, and not buying right now

Vance Howard of Howard Capital Management says he’s writing out his shopping list and looking for areas of opportunity when the market turns positive again. Click the image to watch the whole interview. 
Vance Howard on CNBC

Vance Howard on Bloomberg Radio

Vance Howard, CEO at Howard Capital Management, discusses the markets and investing with Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Click below to listen.
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Howard Capital’s Vance Howard and RBC’s Blake Gwinn on how surging oil prices are impacting the markets

Vance Howard joins Courtney Reagan on CNBC Worldwide Exchange to discuss his market outlook amid rapidly surging oil prices. Click below to watch the full interview.
CNBC Worldwide Exchange Screenshot of interview - Click to watch

Vance Howard on CNBC The Exchange

Vance Howard joins Kelly Evans on CNBC’s The Exchange to discuss his outlook on the market amid ongoing stagflation and how the Fed could potentially respond. ​​​​​ Click below to watch the full interview.
Vance Howard on CNBC

Reviewing Market Performance In January

Vance Howard joins Oliver Renick on TD Ameritrade Network’s Market on Close to review the market performance for January 2022 and discuss how rising volatility has changed his investment strategy.

Click below to watch the full interview.

Vance on TD Ameritrade Network

Barron’s Top Performing Sustainable Funds

History books have yet to reveal the final chapter of 2021, a year that lurched between the promise enshrined in synthetic mRNA, the revolutionary technology behind the first COVID-19 vaccines, and the peril posed by billion-dollar weather and climate disasters, a growing political divide, and the ongoing struggles over racial and economic inequality…



Vance Howard on CNBC Squawk on the Street

Vance Howard joins David Faber on CNBC Squawk on the Street to discuss the state of the market going into 2022.



Vance Howard on CNBC Worldwide Exchange

Vance Howard joins Dom Chu on CNBC Worldwide Exchange to address the new COVID surge, the Fed’s shift towards higher rates, and the impact on the market into the end of the year and 2022.
Click below to watch the full interview.


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