HCM-Guided Retirement Disclosure

Howard Capital Management, Inc. (“HCM”) is registered with the SEC and only transacts business where it is properly registered or is otherwise exempt from registration. SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by the Commission nor does it indicate that the advisor has attained a particular level of skill or ability. The HCM Guided Retirement Solution is a web-based tool intended to help clients invest in their employer’s 401(k) or similar defined contribution plan. Clients receive discretionary investment management from the HCM Guided Retirement Solution while maintaining total control over their personal accounts. The goal is to reduce risk by taking proactive measures with company-sponsored retirement plans. Changes in investment strategies, contributions or withdrawals may materially alter the performance, strategy and results of your portfolio. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended through the HCM Guided Retirement Solution), will be equal to past performance level, equal any corresponding indicated historical performance level(s), be suitable for your portfolio or individual situation, or be profitable for a client’s portfolio. Past performance does not guarantee future results. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Economic factors, market conditions, and investment strategies will affect the performance of any portfolio and there are no assurances that it will match or outperform any particular benchmark for measuring the performance of a portfolio.

When HCM provides investment advisory services to a retirement plan qualified under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), as amended, it does so in its capacity as a “fiduciary,” as that term is defined under Section 3(21) of ERISA. When HCM provides these services on a discretionary basis, it does so as an “investment manager,” as that term is defined under Section 3(38) of ERISA.

HCM Buy-Line® Indicator. The HCM-BuyLine® (the “Indicator”) is a proprietary indicator used to assist in determining when to buy and sell securities. When the Indicator identifies signs of a rising market, HCM then identifies the particular security(ies) that HCM believes have the best return potentials in the current market from the universe of assets available in each given model and signals to invest in them. When the Indicator identifies signs of a declining market, the Indicator signals to move clients’ investments to less risky alternatives. Not every signal generated by the Indicator will result in a profitable trade. There will be times when following the Indicator results in a loss. An important goal of the Indicator is to outperform the market on a long-term basis. The reason is the mathematics of gains and losses. A portfolio which suffers a 30% loss takes a 43% gain to return to the previous portfolio value. The Indicator is reactive in nature, not proactive. It is not designed to catch the first 5–10% of a bull or bear market. Ideally, it will avoid most of the downtrends and catch the bulk of the uptrends. There may be times when the use of the Indicator will result in a loss when HCM re-enters the market. Other times there may be a modest positive impact. When severe downtrends occur, however, such as in 2000-2002 and 2007-2008, the Indicator has the potential to make a significant difference in portfolio performance. Naturally, there can be no guarantee that the Indicator will perform as anticipated. The Indicator does not generate stop-loss orders that automatically sell securities in the portfolio at a certain price. As a result, use of the Indicator will not necessarily limit your losses to the desired amounts due to the limitations of the Indicator, market conditions, and delays in executing orders.

The HCM Guided Retirement Program is an optional service.   Information on annual fees is located on the plan sponsor’s disclosures. Termination of this service does not reverse actions taken in the past by the HCM Guided Retirement Program. LASS.HGR.0921

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