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Investment Overview

The Ultra Aggressive portfolio is for high risk tolerance investors seeking to maximize returns and capital gains through an aggressive investment approach. Ultra Aggressive is designed for those who have a long-term investment horizon to sustain possible market fluctuations while seeking income and growth.

Investment Strategy

The goal of Ultra Aggressive is to seek income and growth. This portfolio uses HCM’s Proactive Sector Rotation methodology, rotating holdings among various asset classes based on perceived opportunities for better returns. This portfolio is unconstrained by the market and it sectors, investing in mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), relying on high-risk, high-reward asset classes. The portfolio will rotate sectors periodically and rebalance periodically based on market movement. Fully liquid, this portfolio can go up to 100% in cash or cash equivalents with the HCM-BuyLine® to potentially minimize loss in a market downturns.


The Ultra Aggressive model requires a $500,000 minimum, or $500K accumulative per client with HCM.


The Ultra Aggressive model invests in all areas of the equity market including mutual funds, ETFs and individual securites. It can rotate sectors periodically and may vary at the discretion of the manager.

Equity Bond
Ultra Aggressive  100%  -

Comparative Benchmark

S&P 500 Reinvested  HFRX Equity Hedge Index
20% 80%