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Investment Overview

The Viper 2 portfolio models are designed for investors with all risk and return objectives. The models range in target allocations from conservative, balanced, growth and aggressive, investing in multi income investments and equities unconstrained by the market and its sectors.

Investment Strategy

The goal of the Viper 2 models is to seek growth and income, while striving to outpace the comparative benchmarks. Through our proprietary Proactive Sector Rotation methodology, these models can invest in any combination of sectors or asset classes which we believe have the best potential to achieve the portfolio's risk/return objectives. The Viper 2 portfolios typically hold 3-7 different ETFs and/or mutual funds, with the equity portion focused on specific sectors. Utilizing the HCM-BuyLine®, the Viper 2 models are fully liquid and can go to 100% cash or cash equivalents within its equity position to attempt to minimize loss in a market downturn. 


There is a $25,000 minimum to open an account in the Viper 2 series.


    The Viper 2 series trades ETF's and mutual funds with an approximate target ratio as seen below. This allocation may vary at the discretion of the manager.

    Equity Bond
    Viper 2 Conservative 45% 55%
    Viper 2 Balanced 65% 35%
    Viper 2 Growth 80% 20%
    Viper 2 Aggressive 100%  -

    Comparative Benchmark 

    S&P 500 Reinvested HFRX Equity Hedge Index Barclay Capital US Aggregate Bond TR Index 
    Viper 2 Conservative 5% 40% 55%
    Viper 2  Balanced 5% 60% 35%
    Viper 2  Growth 5% 75% 20%
    Viper 2  Aggressive 20% 80%  -