Our Partners, Your Key Players

We have teamed up with a number of valuable partners to help ensure you receive the best possible assistance and advice for insurance, tax strategies, retirement plans and packages, and money management.


Tax Planning

Through an audit of your past and current tax returns, our Private Wealth Services Team and partners will identify opportunities to expand on your savings.

Investment Management

Through a comprehensive analysis of your financial landscape, we aim to create a tailored portfolio for your needs and goals. We do this through an applicable mix of securities that seek to protect investments through market downturns while pursuing opportunities for growth.

Effective Collaboration

HCM has teamed up with a number of valuable partners to help ensure the best possible outcome when focusing on your insurance, tax, retirement and money management goals.

Estate and Business Strategies

Our Private Wealth Services team specializes in strategies that aim to enhance your bottom line. In addition, we work with you and you succession team to develop and implement your optimal legacy goals.

The Benefits of Howard Capital Management's Private Wealth Services Program

  • 20+ years' experience
  • Customizable client experience
  • One-on-one guidance and assistance
  • Personalized attention to short-term and long-term goals
  • Ongoing reassessment of individual goals
  • Collaboration of boutique, intelligent firms
  • Extensive range of investment options
  • Fully liquid investment portfolios
  • Protection provided by proprietary stoploss risk management tools HCM-BuyLine® and HCM-BuyLine Alpha

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